Salut à tous voici mon nouveau clip “NO REGRETS”, morceau issu de mon album solo PLAYGROUND.

Hi everybody, here is my new music video “NO REGRETS” from my solo album PLAYGROUND.

Vocals: Max Andrews
Guitars: Ronan Morin
Bass: Max Besnard
Drums: Aurel

Video by: Realized and directed by James Bantos & Aurel


MÖRGLBL in French Guyana

We have been very happy to attend the Crescendo Festival in French Guyana on October 19th. This music festival is about Prog music. During the same period we gave masterclasses in Cayenne Music School and in Kourou Music School. We would like to thank everybody at the Festival and all the people who helped to make this happen. It was absolutely fantastic!!!


Les nuits Crescendo_BDAurel CrescendoIMG_5976

MÖRGLBL USA tour 2013

Hi, we are glad to present the tour dates for our upcoming USA tour 2013.

We will get the chance to share the stage with Neil Zaza, SeanO’Bryan Smith, Hephystus, Thank You Scientist, Recess, Gravity and Beautiful Distraction.

For more details go to our website or onto our booking agency website

See you on the road.

Affiche USA modifiée


I highly recommend the TAMTAMTAMA DRUMSCHOOL in AUDUN LE TICHE (close to Luxembourg). The boss Vincent Richard is an awesome drummer/teacher fully dedicated to music and drums. Doing a drum clinic for TAMA there was so great. Thank you very much for this great time sharing our passion for drumming.

Drum Clinic in Audun Le Tiche

Drum Clinic in Audun Le Tiche

Here is a video from the drum clinic – Song “Time For Change” from my solo album Playground

PLAYGROUND my first solo album

I’m proud to present my first solo album PLAYGROUND.

pochette playground

This album is a mix of different styles I like; Metal, Fusion, Prog, Rock, Jazz. Half of the album is instrumental and half features three different vocalists.

PLAYGROUND is available at my online store as a CD or mp3 download.