November Drum clinics

I’ll have the pleasure to meet you in November for three drum clinics close to Paris

Here are the dates and informations

Nov 5th @ Le Barde Atomique in Equevilly with Léo Magrit(Pain of Salvation)

Nov 19th @ FreeDrum Day 2 in Maurepas with Romain Goulon, Piwee, Antoine Monfleur

Nov 30th @ L’observatoire in Cergy Pontoise


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MÖRGLBL USA Tour Postponed

To everyone, our fans in the US, our close supportive friends throughout the years, all venues involved

We are very sad and bitter to announce that for the second time this year, we won’t be able to tour the US due to administration issues.
To cut a long story short, we applied way in advance to get a P1 visa, which is required for all foreign bands to tour the US. To this day, and though we applied seven months ago (!), we did not receive any information apart from “your request and petition have been received and processed”.
We were due to perform in October, from the 5th til the 26th, and most venues had kindly postponed our April previousely scheduled tour (canceled for same reasons…), and we’d like to thank them warmly for their support, and to apologize for this insane situation.
It is impossible for us now to organize flights, interviews at the US embassy with such a tight schedule, since we still did not get ANY news from the US administration…
People at our beloved tour management, Blue Mouth Promotions, must be thanked here too for hours and hours of work, phone calls, and energy spent.
This is defintely a depressing situation for a band which has toured the US about 7 times already, built up a loyal and awesome fanbase, has a US record company, and is unable to simply come up and perform its music.

We hope things will evolve in the future for good, and that another chance will be given to us.
But at the time we are writing this message, the overall feelings are frustration and bitterness.

We love you all
Aurel, Ivan & Christophe